Things to Know About Lead Poisoning in Dogs

Lead is one of those substances that can cause serious health conditions in pets if they ingest it. Anemia, weakness, neurological disorders, behavioral changes, gastrointestinal disease, and anorexia are some serious consequences of lead poisoning. Vets from Virginia Beach veterinary hospitalsuggest that quick diagnosis and treatment can help a pet recover from lead poisoning.

In this blog, we will discuss essential aspects of lead poisoning in pets.

Lead is a metal which was widely used in various household items back in 19th and 20th century. This toxic substance was one of the prime ingredients in paints. Pets like dogs and cats are at higher risk of getting lead poisoning if exposed to it. Puppies and young pets love investigating new objects by licking or biting on them. This makes them more vulnerable to lead poisoning and foreign body ingestion. Pets can come in contact with lead through painted …