5 Ways To Get Plaque Off Your Dog’s Teeth Naturally.

Dog are precious animals that are known for their extremely caring and loyal personalities. Some dogs have even snuffed out diseases like cancer in the owner and successfully evaded the problem.


As dog lovers, it is natural that we want to take care of our dogs like they take care of us.


Plaque builds up over time, and while it may not seem like a big deal at first but, with time, the plaque starts to worsen and turns into tartar. This tartar is hard and hurts your dog and thus, here are 5 ways to get plaque off your dog’s teeth naturally and avoid any problem later.


5 ways to get plaque off your dog’s teeth naturally.

Why is it important to remove plaque from dog’s teeth:

Whenever the furry friend eats something, a part of it is left in his teeth and when it reacts to the saliva in the dog’s mouth, the plaque starts to get hard and becomes tartar. The tartar causes many periodontal diseases and due to it, the gum pulls away from the teeth. The tartar also causes inflammation and can even result in tooth loss.

It is also essential to understand that plaque can turn into tartar in a matter of 36 hours and thus, not being able to treat the plaque can have severe effects timely.

Ways to get plaque off your dog’s teeth:

There are many ways by which you can ensure that your dog’s teeth do not become a victim of plaque. Some of the ways are:


1.   Chewing on raw bone:

When you are looking for natural ways to remove plaque from your beloved friend’s mouth, nothing comes closer to chewing raw bones; trust us. The bone can easily remove any plaque from your dog’s mouth.


One thing you need to ensure is never to give a cooked bone to your dog as it is not hard and can cause splinters to hurt your furry friend’s mouth.


2.   Brushing dog’s teeth:

When nothing seems to be working for your dog’s plaque, maybe it is time for you to start brushing your dog’s teeth. There is, however, patience required when brushing a dog’s teeth and you may also need to train your dog to let you brush his teeth.


3.   Using coconut oil:

Coconut oil is also one of the best natural remedies you can get for your dog’s plaque. There are many ways to use coconut oil when removing plaque from the dog’s teeth.


Some people like to directly apply it on the plaque, while others try to mix it up in the dog’s food and wait for the magic to happen.


When using coconut oil, make sure that you are not going overboard as it contains high calories, and overdose can even cause diarrhea in your dog.


4.   Chewing toys:

Yes, you heard that right! Chewing toys are not only used for playing or bite training, but they can also help in the removal of plaque. While the dog is chewing and gnawing at the toy, the tartar will come off.


You need to keep in mind that you have a rugged toy for your dog if he belongs to a giant breed. As the big dog’s bite contains more power, they are more likely to destroy the toy before removing the plaque.


5.   Fruits and vegetables:

Another way to keep plaque off your dog’s teeth is to feed him fruits and vegetables. This is the part where dogs and humans are not so different as a good and natural diet can make our teeth strong and healthy and remove bacteria.



Plaque can be bad for your dog and if you are taking it lightly and just winging it, maybe you need to be more cautious as plaque can turn into tartar and slowly eat at your beloved dog’s teeth. To stop that from happening, here we have an article on 5 ways to get plaque off your dog’s teeth naturally to help you avoid the use of artificial supplements or other products that can harm your dog’s teeth.


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