We at the moment are concentrating on the reproductive biology of the Cuban boa, including reproductive timing & behaviors corresponding to mate constancy and reproductive efforts throughout size classes. Twenty-six boas had been radio-tracked over a complete of fifty six days at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in 2017. Crocodile pink-eyed skinks have triangular-shaped heads with an orange ring round every eye. This prehistoric-wanting animal is native to New Guinea and is usually found near a water supply. This reptile can grow to be eight to 10 inches long as an grownup and has chevrons on its again, giving it an armored look. This elusive creature eats bugs and has no natural predators in its residence range. Accordingly, when underneath misery their only defenses are a high-pitched squawk or bark or to freeze and play useless.

Cuban boas are gentle brown or tan with dark markings and are found in the tropical dry forests of Cuba and the surrounding islands. Young Cuban boa are arboreal, meaning reside in trees, whereas adults are extra terrestrial, or live on land. Interestingly, they use their tongue to odor and assist find prey similar to small mammals, birds and lizards. Cuban boas can develop to be 13 toes long and weigh as much as 60 kilos. As their native vary is a small island, they are easily threatened by natural disasters and interactions with humans. The Zoo is working with the US Navy to use radiotelemetry to trace the habitat use and exercise patterns of the largest snake within the Caribbean.

They have long arms and gripping feet to assist them brachiate, or swing from limb to limb. White-cheeked gibbons have a home vary of acres and journey about a mile per day looking for ripe fruit, leaves and small invertebrates. Polar bears are the most important carnivorous land mammal on earth and haven’t any pure predators, except humans. Adult polar bears are seven – eight toes long and might weigh 900-1,600 kilos. Polar bears are listed as a susceptible species and as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act due to lack of Arctic sea ice from climate change. The Zoo supports Polar Bear International’s efforts to preserve the nice white bear and its habitat through research and monitoring. In the past few years, the Zoo has helped purchase GPS collars and ear tags to help examine the actions of bears.


They get their name from broad tail that resembles a leaf or tree bark. Interestingly, this carnivorous predator with massive eyes also has sticky toes to cling to a tree or department, even vertically. All of these adaptations assist the gecko mix in to its habitat and conceal from predators, corresponding to owls, rats and snakes. These little lizards eat spiders, worms and a variety of insects. The species is listed as threatened as a result of habitat loss from drastic deforestation on the islands.

Yaks also have massive handlebar-formed horns which are used for protection towards predators and to interrupt by way of snow and ice to eat the vegetation frozen below. They eat between one and three percent of their body weight in food every day. Another enjoyable fact is yaks can stand with all 4 hooves on a very small flat floor.

They are the smallest of the subspecies and have a food plan greater in vegetation than the opposite sub-species. Grizzlies can increase up to a standing peak of six to seven feet and measure three and a half feet at the shoulder on all fours. Adult male brown bears can weigh from 300 to over 1,000 pounds and females kilos.