If your bathroom looks like it’s worth renovating but you’re still not ready for a complete renovation, you can try a simple renovation. With affordable prices and without having to involve experts you can change the look of the bathroom so that it is more lively, easier to use, all at a cost-effective cost.

Replacing the showerhead

There is nothing more cost-effective than simply replacing a showerhead that has been damaged and is no longer efficient. Installing a showerhead does not require special skills and is very easy. Your water bill will save you more dollars.

Water efficient showerheads use the latest technology to save water and provide a better bathing experience. It’s easy to find a showerhead as needed. “Showerhead The Flipside® is a great choice with four bathing sensations in one showerhead,” says designer Lynn Schrage of Chicago’s Kohler Store. “Especially if you still use the old model showerhead, single-spray, upgrade to Flipside will change everything.”

Glass doors

Cloth or plastic mosquito nets can be moldy and very difficult to always clean. Consider using sliding doors without an easy-to-clean frame. This door also gives a graceful effect on the bathroom.

With glass doors, the bathroom looks more spacious, providing better aesthetic value.

If you want something even smaller, use a three-panel glass door. Some models even have sizes of just 20 inches, and you can still get in and out easily. This type of doors is also easy to clean.

Design touch on shower

Another way to give the impression of luxury is to replace conventional shower stalks with other desian models. The notched shower handle gives you an extra six inches of space when you shower.

Knick-knacks with a charming touch

Another effective but affordable way to renovate a bathroom is to replace your outdated bathroom appliances with more modern and new — and add some other trinkets with more functionality.

Towel hangers, placeds and soap bottles, as well as additional shelves not only beautify the bathroom, but also make it more regular. Even small things like changing elements of furniture, including and shelf buttons can give a new color to bathroom furniture.

A new glass — or even more than one — will make the space brighter and appear to be wider. Another way to give a new breath to hidden bathrooms and storage is to replace the shelves of medicines on the walls with new one — or even add a second shelf.

Please sit comfortably

Replacing toilet seats with better one can have a big impact. Even small changes can also improve your quality of life while in the bathroom.

Quiet-Close seats™ close without sound so as not to disturb other exit members.

If you have long wanted a bidet but do not have enough space to model yourself (stand-alone), please try a seat with a bidet that can be obtained at an affordable price.