The Benefits Of CBD For Dogs & Cats

CBD has been all the rage the past few years since the federal legalization of hemp in 2018. Many people have reported a wide range of benefits from working CBD oil into their daily lives. However, CBD doesn’t just hold benefits for humans. CBD oil can also benefit our dogs and cats. 

Pets & Their Endocannabinoid Systems

You may already know that you as a human have an endocannabinoid system. Your body produces its own cannabinoids known as endocannabinoids. These cannabinoids help to regulate many of our body’s systems and they do so by interacting with cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body. Cannabinoids produced by plants (phytocannabinoids) interact with these same receptors and can produce many benefits for the body. 

What you may not know is that scientists discovered that many animals have an endocannabinoid system as well. Our furry companions have their own system that benefits from phytocannabinoids much in the same way the systems in human bodies do. 

CBD is one of hundreds of different cannabinoids that can be extracted from cannabis plants. CBD reacts with your pet’s CB2 cannabinoid receptors to produce many different benefits. 

Possible Benefits Of CBD For Pets

Studies have found CBD to have many benefits for both cats and dogs. Scientists have found that CBD oil can: 

  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Help to improve sleep issues
  • Reduce seizures
  • Eliminate skin conditions
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Increase appetite

Studies surrounding CBD are still in their infancy. So, CBD may have other benefits that haven’t yet been discovered or explored. You may want to consider CBD for your dog or cat if: 

  • They are highly anxious and scared of things like fireworks and thunderstorms
  • They have very dry or cracked paws
  • They have mobility issues

Even if these issues aren’t present, CBD oil can be a good natural supplement to support overall health and wellness. 

How To Choose The Right CBD Oil Product For Your Dog or Cat

Your pet likely means the world to you, so you naturally want to make sure you’re buying them the best CBD product for their needs. There are so many different CBD products out on the market that it can be difficult to decide which product would work best. 

If your pet is dealing with dry or cracked paws/skin, a topical balm or cream would be the best fit. For many other issues, tinctures, treats, and sprays would all work well. Ultimately, you’ll want to find a product that your pet won’t have any issues taking on a regular basis. Some pets can be very picky eaters and certain flavored treats may not appeal to their palate. It may take some experimentation to find the best product for your pet. 

CBD oil is also available in different extraction levels. Isolate CBD includes only CBD and no other cannabinoids. Broad spectrum CBD contains CBD and every other cannabinoid in the plant except THC. Full spectrum products contain every cannabinoid in the plant including THC. If you’re looking to use CBD oil for pain and inflammation, you’re best off buying a full spectrum CBD product. Broad and isolate oils can still work well for many of the other conditions, but their effects aren’t as strong when it comes to alleviating pain and inflammation. 

When shopping for CBD pet products, it’s also important to vet each product for safety. A reputable CBD store will have each product independently tested by a lab to ensure it’s safe for consumption. Most trustworthy online shops will include a link to lab results on their website so that you can verify the product you’re purchasing is safe for your dog or cat. Some products are also specifically formulated for dogs or cats and will say so. It’s not advisable to give your dog a cat product and vice versa. 

How To Determine The Correct Serving Size

Once you’ve found the perfect CBD product for your pet, the next step is determining the proper serving size. It’s always recommended that you start with the smallest possible serving size first and expand as needed. Most products will include some indication of what a proper serving size looks like on the box. If your pet doesn’t seem to be experiencing the effects of CBD, you can increase servings a little bit each day until the effects are realized. 

All in all, CBD oil can be a great addition to your pet’s daily wellness regimen. Carefully vet the CBD products you buy for your pet and consult with your vet before giving a CBD product to your pet for the first time.