Tools, materials and spare parts needed

To perform repair of the mixer by replacing the cartridge (axle boxes), we need:

  • pliers;
  • a piece of fabric (rags);
  • Phillips screwdriver with the tip PH1 or PH2;
  • gas key (adjustable) or any other suitable shape and size.

Spare parts require the actual cartridge (box) of the desired size, which we buy in the store. It is also recommended to buy a new screw for fastening the handwheel handle; the old one may not fit in diameter or length, or it may be damaged during disassembly.

Replacement of the cartridge (boxes) in the mixer

Before starting any work on the water supply system in an apartment or house, it is necessary to turn off the water supply. This is done by tightening the valves for cold and hot water in the entry point, and whatever you do overlaps both valves. Replacement of the axle box (cartridge) of the mixer is carried out in the following order:1. Unscrew the decorative plug by turning it counterclockwise with your fingers. If their efforts are insufficient, turn the plug with seaweed. On some models, the plug is fitted without thread, and to remove it, just pry it with a knife or a screwdriver.2. Unscrew the fastening screw and remove the handle wheel. Use a Phillips screwdriver to do this.

3. Turn off the decorative element: in most cases this can be done manually. If that doesn’t work, we’ll use a seaweed. In order not to spoil the surface, a piece of fabric can be placed under the mushrooms.4. Unscrew the axle box from the mixer. We use a special gas key (adjustable), in the absence of one, you can use a conventional open wrench or head.