Bushmasters are the second longest venomous snake in the world, at six to 10 toes lengthy. They are a species of pit vipers which might be found in the scrublands and forest floors from the Amazon basin to Costa Rica. They are reddish-brown or gray to blend in with the groundcover and have an x or diamond-formed marking on their back. These nocturnal, solitary snakes weigh six to eleven pounds and use infrared pits on their head to find prey, together with small mammals.

They get their name from broad tail that resembles a leaf or tree bark. Interestingly, this carnivorous predator with massive eyes also has sticky toes to cling to a tree or branch, even vertically. All of those variations help the gecko blend in to its habitat and hide from predators, such as owls, rats and snakes. These little lizards eat spiders, worms and quite a lot of bugs. The species is listed as threatened as a result of habitat loss from drastic deforestation on the islands.

Their scientific name means mute in Latin, as they vibrate when alarmed like a rattlesnake however don’t have a rattle to make noise. Yaks have shaggy, double layered, ankle-size wool coats to insulate their our bodies towards frigid conditions their native Himalayan Mountains. They secrete a sticky substance in their sweat that helps mats down the beneath layer of hair and is used in traditional Nepalese medicine.

As their name suggests, these snakes are pink with a black or blue band around their throat and are capable of spitting venom six to eight toes. While they only spit in defense, they have impeccable accuracy to send venom straight into the eyes of their attacker, temporarily blinding them and giving the snake time to get away. Red spitting cobras average five ft in length and their coloration deepens as they mature. Leaf-tailed geckos, also called flat-tailed geckos, are 4 to 12 inch long reptiles that are native to the dense tropical jungles of Madagascar and the encircling islands. Leaf-tailed geckos have scales and can be inexperienced, black, brown or tan.

Cuban boas are mild brown or tan with dark markings and are discovered within the tropical dry forests of Cuba and the surrounding islands. Young Cuban boa are arboreal, meaning reside in bushes, while adults are more terrestrial, or live on land. Interestingly, they use their tongue to scent and assist find prey similar to small mammals, birds and lizards. Cuban boas can develop to be thirteen feet lengthy and weigh as much as 60 pounds. As their native vary is a small island, they are simply threatened by natural disasters and interactions with humans. The Zoo is working with the US Navy to make use of radiotelemetry to trace the habitat use and exercise patterns of the biggest snake within the Caribbean.

We at the moment are concentrating on the reproductive biology of the Cuban boa, together with reproductive timing & behaviors such as mate fidelity and reproductive efforts throughout dimension courses. Twenty-six boas had been radio-tracked over a complete of fifty six days at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in 2017. Crocodile purple-eyed skinks have triangular-shaped heads with an orange ring around each eye. This prehistoric-looking animal is native to New Guinea and is often discovered near a water source. This reptile can grow to be eight to 10 inches lengthy as an adult and has chevrons on its again, giving it an armored appearance. This elusive creature eats insects and has no pure predators in its house vary. Accordingly, when underneath distress their solely defenses are a high-pitched squawk or bark or to freeze and play dead.

They shed their pores and skin once a year and eat bugs, beetles, lizards, birds and eggs. Tuatara may be inexperienced, brown or orange in colour and are threatened because of the introduction of rats to their native range, poaching and habitat loss.


The females are extra of a grayish brown shade with black margins and an orange band on their wings. These butterflies are native to the identical areas and as their host plant, wild lupine. KBBs are endangered due to loss of habitat from business growth and human land administration, together with fireplace suppression. They are inches lengthy, weigh one to 3 pounds and might reside more than 100 years. While they resemble lizards, tuatara’s closet family members died out with the dinosaurs. These unique creatures have a hidden third eye on the top of their head, are nocturnal and like cooler temperatures.