Grey seal populations are threatened by hunting, by-catch and illness. These herbivores are native to the woodlands and bushes of Africa.


As this situation evolves, we’ll keep you up to date on Facebook, Twitter and our web site. The Secret Life of the Zoo Venture to the most popular zoo within the UK — the Chester Zoo. North Woods Law In New Hampshire, Conservation Officers of New Hampshire Fish and Game who work tirelessly to protect and defend the natural assets of the Granite State. They are on name 24/7, responding to life and dying situations so as to defend the general public. Vet Leanne races to rescue critically injured koalas from Australia’s blazing bushfires. A two-ton rhino calf named Kipenzi wreaks havoc within the zoo trucks, and the carnivore team eagerly awaits to see if snow leopard Miska reveals an thrilling secret.

Ostriches are omnivores that can eat no matter is on the market, have lengthy necks and are native to Africa. Being flightless, ostriches use their wings for balance whereas operating.

Colobus monkeys are inches tall, weigh kilos, eat leaves and fruit and reside in the forests of central Africa. Colobus are known for their black faces outlined with white fur and a streak of lengthy white fur that runs down their again and tail. Unfortunately, this magnificence comes at a worth, as they’re hunted for his or her fur to be used in the fashion industry. Rhinoceros hornbills name comes from the Greek words rhino meaning nostril and ceros which means horn.

They are the smallest of the subspecies and have a food plan higher in vegetation than the opposite sub-species. Grizzlies can elevate up to a standing top of six to seven feet and measure three and a half feet at the shoulder on all fours. Adult male brown bears can weigh from 300 to over 1,000 pounds and females kilos.

Kudu have natural camouflage with their grey or brown fur and 4 to 12 vertical stripes and spots. Adult male kudu stand about fifty five inches at the shoulder and weigh kilos, while the females are considerably smaller.

They stand approximately 5 toes tall, weigh about 5 kilos and have a wingspan of five feet. They have large beaks that are beige on the base, pink within the middle and black on the tip to aid in filter feeding. Their trademark pink coloration comes from their diet of crustaceans, mollusks, insects and algae. Flamingo populations are affected by habitat loss for salt assortment and being hunted for food. African Penguins are heat climate birds also referred to as Black-footed Penguins and Jackass Penguins because of their braying or donkey-like vocalization.

Grizzlies had been once widespread all through western and plain states; however, their inhabitants decreased dramatically with the development of the west. Today, solely 2,300 stay within the 4 states of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington. Grey seals can actually be grey, tan or spectacled in shade and have shiny white whiskers. They are native to the cool waters and rocky shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

To assist save the species, the Toledo Zoo supports The Hornbill Research Foundation, which organizes the field safety and analysis of this putting chook. Our assist helps observe and shield nest sites in southern Thailand. Piping Plovers are black, white and gray birds with a black band connecting their eyes and a black stripe on their breasts. They have yellow-orange legs, an orange bill with black tip and weigh only a few ounces. The birds migrate annually to over-winter on the Gulf Coast or the Bahamas and only nest in the gravelly seashores of the northern Plains, alongside the shores of the Great Lakes and on the Atlantic Coast. They are endangered as a result of a pointy population decline from human nest disruption and predation.

Only males have the signature spiral horns that make two and a half spectacular twists and might develop to be 72 inches lengthy. The species is hunted for their horns and are threatened by human encroachment for charcoal burning and farming. As an adult, a Francois’ langur has a long, black, silky coat with a white band of cheek fur and a pointed crest of hair on prime of its head. A typical Francois’ langur baby, however, is predominantly orange.